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A drawing of the site's mascot, Helios. Welcome!

This is my tiny corner of the Internet where I celebrate my life & personal interests. Here, you'll find a collection of art, musings and other things I find fun! This site is also a homage to the old web, a space where I hope to separate myself from the constraints and toxicity of social media in a space entirely my own.

The site is currently on v2.0! I'm rebuilding the whole thing with Bootstrap from scratch, some of the programming on the original version was so messy that it took longer to sift through it than to actually build what I needed from scratch. Hopefully from here I can make something at least a bit more cohesive, but until then; sit down, relax and enjoy your stay here! Please sign my guestbook down below so I can check out your own page, or say hi on my Neocities profile!

Warning: While this page works on mobile devices, viewing it on one is not ideal. Some day I might get around to making it more responsive, but it's not planned.


v2.3 -

Procrastinating the actually important site updates with a mini update and a new shrine!

  • MGS Shrine- What it says on the tin: the landing page for a new Metal Gear shrine to tide over my brainrot.

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  • D&D Campaign hub
  • Minecraft shrine
  • Remake pages from v1
    • About
    • Doctor Who shrine
    • Webpage collection
  • Gallifrey shrine
  • Creative corner hub
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