What Comes Next?

Adventure Log

A full archive of adventures and their sessions within the universe of What Comes Next?. Whether you're a seasoned traveler of the Beyond looking to relive tales of the past, or a newcomer looking to dive into the party's latest exploits, below is a list of all the episodes to date, and their full recaps.

Look down...

As you step off the gondola onto the stony shore, the cloaked figure and its ship vanish into smokey, black mist. You look around, it's deserted, except for this stone at your feet, a leather-bound journal propped gently against it. Tentatively, you pick it up and begin to read...

Part I

Two humans, a half-elf and a wood elf arrive in the realm of Na'dala. Lost and without purpose in this twisted afterlife, they set themselves to exploring this new world.

  1. A Life Beyond, Part 1 - 10/13/23
  2. A Life Beyond, Part 2 - 10/20/23
  3. Forest's Lament - 11/03/23